Presentation of Spanish traditional games

Several games were presented during the meeting in Spain, but we worked specially in three (two of them traditional from the Region of Murcia)

Spanish Deck

Spanish team presented the Spanish-suited played cards, which are the most used card games in the country. For this presentation they have prepared the slide presentation you can see below. Spanish deck is different from the French one (used in more countries), and have some differences with the Italian one.

Spanish team also presented some of the most popular games with those cards.

Besides the presentation, Spanish team have prepared a workshop. Using cardboards, scissors and gift wrap, we created our own cards.

Bolos Murcianos o Bolos Huertanos (Murcian Bowling)

Bolos Murcianos or Bolos Huertanos is a variety of bowling traditional in countryside near Murcia city. This game and its differences with other bowling varieties was presented during the meeting.


Caliche is an old game traditional of the Region of Murcia and not very often played by young people. The Spanish team made a presentation of the game:

Also here you can see instructions of how to play this game.

Erasmus+ team visited «Federación de Peñas Huertanas» (Federation of Peñas) in Murcia, where they could put in practice what they had learnt and played the game being adviced by expert players.

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