Presentation of Italian traditional games

During the meeting in Italy, we worked in different teams named for the games presented during this mobility. Italian students presented traditional games in their country (most of them also known in other European countries but with some variations), then all the participants played those games.

Sicilian traditional games

We started with a presentation of some ancient traditional games which were popular and an important part of the Sicilian culture such as “stickers”, or the «Acchiana ‘u patri cu tutti ì so’ figghi “, or “Mazza scanneddu”, or finally the “Strummula”. Also we includede the Sicilian Puppet Theater which were visited as part of the Educational visit activity.

Broken Telephone

«Broken Telephone» is a popular worldwide game everyone can play. During the meeting the game was presented and then students played it.


Also called Checkers, there are resemblings of this game from ancient times. Nowadays is not very popular between young people.

Putting into practice Draughts game:


Popular game in which you have to guess the word. Sure you have played a lot of times:

«Playing Europe» members playing «Hangman»:

Musical chairs

One by one participants are eliminated until only the winner remains.

Some pictures of this activity:


Although this board game is not that traditional, it is very popular and useful for educational purposes.

Treasure Hunt

Finally, the treasure hunt game was presented and the participants put it into practice around the school.

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