Presentation of Greek traditional games

During the meeting in Greece we worked in different teams named for the games presented during this mobility. Greek students presented traditional games in their country (most of them also known in other European countries but with some variations), then all the participants played those games.


The apples is one of the most commonly played traditional games among Greek children. Although apples is a Greek traditional game, there are many different forms of that game across the world. For instance, apples are connected with a widely known American game called Dodgeball.

Some pictures of our participants playing «Apples».


Named in English «Tug of war», this game in ancient Greece were among the most popular games used for strength and would help build strength needed for battle in full armor.

Our students playing «Dragging»:


Handkerchief is a version of «Steal the bacon» game. We don’t have any information about the exact date when the game appeared in Greece, but we know for sure from drawings and images that exist that the game was played by children aged between 5-10 years old in the 20th century.

Putting into practice Handkerchief game:


In the ancient times the game was called “Agouts”, then it took the name of “Akinitinda” and finally “Statues”, as we call it today in Greece. Internationally is known as English chick.

«Playing Europe» members playing «Statues»:


It is a recient game but quite popular nowadays in Greece. Also called «Mafia». Played with cards.

Some pictures of this activity:

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