Presentation of Belgian traditional games

During the meeting, Belgian students presented traditional games in their country. Some of them were similiar to other games from ther European countries but with some variations, other games, typical from Flanders, were very different. Then all the participants played those games.


Also known as Nine-pin bowling is a bowling game played primarily in Europe. In English-speaking countries, where ten-pin bowling (which originated in the United States) is dominant, facilities for nine-pin bowling are uncommon.

Students playing:

Dopspel and Tafelkegelspel

Dopspel is a game in which you have to push away 5 steel balls by means of a spinning top. If the balls land in the inner row, that gives 3 points. If the balls land in the middle row, that gives 5 points. The balls that land in the outer row score 10 points.

In Tafelkegelspel you should throw the ball past the post and knock the pins over. Who scores the most points?

Playing Dopspel:

And Tafelkegelspel:

Joelbak and Toptafel

Joelbak or Sjoelbak is a shuffleboard table game in which the goal is to slide wooden pucks towards the end of the board and try to have them enter through small open doorways or arches into numbered scoring boxes.

Toptafel is a game which consists of several skittles or pins, a top and a string to launch it and specially designed table. There are no standards and various designs for the table, skittles and top exist.

Playing both games:


Rolle Bolle, also known as Belgian Bowling or Krulbollen, is a bowling sport related to boules, and originates from the Flanders region of Belgium. One of the defining characteristics of the game is the wheel-like shape of the ball, or bolle. Bolles are manufactured in a way so that they do not roll straight but in a curved, elliptical path.

Putting into practice:


The ton is a café accessory, which can be found under several names in Flanders. In the beginning, the players tried to throw a coin in the hole of a beer cask. Around 1930, the game became very popular in Flanders and it was played in many inns especially in Antwerpen. The main skills needed for toad in the hole are dexterity and concentration.

See how teachers and students played:


Trou-Madame is a kind of game with which we played with small balls that we tried to push into openings in the form of arcades.

Gallery with our experience:


Finally, Vloerbollen, is quite similar to Petanque. With floor balls, the aim is to throw the wooden balls as close as possible to a small ball. The throwing technique is always underhand.

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