Educational Visit – Spain

During the meeting in Spain, we visited two Toy manufacturers companies: «Muñecas Arias S.L» y «Fábrica de juguetes S.L» . Both companies are placed in the Toy Valley (an area in the South of Alicante where a lot of toy companies are placed). We divided the participants in two groups so each of the groups visited one of the companies, taking some notes and photos so they had to prepare later a presentation for the other group.

Presentation of Muñecas Arias S.L.

Presentation of Fábrica de Juguetes S.L.

Besides visiting both companies, the Spanish meeting included a visit to «Federation of Peñas Huertanas» as combination of «Presentation of Spanish traditional games» and «Educational visit». There, members of the federation presented traditional items of the orchard of Murcia and they showed how to play «caliche» and «bolos murcianos». (see more information in Presentation of Spanish traditional games)

Finally, we did some water sports in San Pedro del Pinatar, a small town in the Region of Murcia at the «Mar Menor» coastline. Mar Menor (‘Little Sea’), is the largest coastal saltwater lagoon in Europe and has excellent conditions to practice water sports all year round.

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