Educational Visit – Greece

One of the main activities of the project is «Educational Visit«. In this activity the participants of the project visit one Toy Industry business, traditional game association or other place related to the topic of the project. In the case of the meeting in Athens, we divided the participants in two groups so each of the groups visited one museum, taking some notes and photos so they had to prepare later a presentation for the other group.

One the groups visited the Benaki Toy Museum. This museum has a collection of 20,000 toys, games and childhood items, from antiquity to 1970, which makes it the best option to study the history of toys in Greece and Europe. This is the presentation our students prepared:

Some pictures of this visit:

The other group visited Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technologies, with includes  the Museum of Ancient Greek Musical Instruments and Toys & Games. Here you can find the presentation of this visit:

Some pictures of this visit:

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